Resilience – Setbacks Only Set Up Comebacks

I highly recommend you all follow this new blog that I stumbled upon. I loved reading this and I hope you all will as well, I got so much out of it and I believe you all will too. Peace and love to you all.

F3 for Answers

If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, this life that we live can be ridiculously tough. It can seem less like the roller coaster people often compare it to—because roller coasters are actually always fun—and more like a knock-down, drag out fight, complete with blood, bruises and tears. Constantly taking hits and all sorts of punishment; mental, physical, emotional, you name it, those pains can and often do feel never ending for many of us. We see the scars. We see the opponent, the Enemy. We tense up, and start thinking about reacting; about fighting back.

Except in our fights, many times we aren’t the Ali or the Jordan, or even the Rocky Balboa, all of whom had the strength to take the puncher’s chance and make the fight…well, a fight.

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