Positive Vibrations from Oaktown

It just has to make sense to you. Out of 10 million reasons for why it wont work, you just need one reason for why it will, and that alone should be the reason to go all in.

It’s up to you to believe it. No one else has to. You can’t depend on anyone else’s validation as a green light to move on something that burns within you. If you can see it, it already belongs to you, and all that is left now is for you to go unlock it. The reason the world won’t believe in your dream, is because its yours and its your responsibility to make it happen.

Regardless to how long it will takes or how many times it doesn’t work, its your duty to figure it out and make it work. Trial and error is your friend, not your enemy. Through this trying period, we are rewarded if we are declared worthy and we are declared worthy only through persistence and consistancy. Visualize yourself tasting success, see your self walking up to it and grabbing a hold of it. Feel the emotion behind it and let it consume you until the blue print on accomplishing it, is placed at your feet. No one else has to believe it, as long as you can see it.

Oaktown Vibes



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