Who is Oaktown Vibes?

I would like to think of myself as a visionary and an independent thinker. Being positive wasn’t always my strong suite but earlier this year, I decided that I was fed up with my own thinking, the way I viewed life and the way I viewed myself.

Growing up I was taught how to think instead of being encouraged to think outside the box…the people around me meant well but I was being limited and placed in a box based on how someone else viewed me. It took me sometime to see it for what it was and over time, I began to question my own thinking…were my ideas really my own? Or was I conditioned to see things and go after goals that really belonged to someone else.

My overall goal in creating this blog is to put smiles on peoples faces and to encourage others to dream as loud as they want to dream but first and foremost…to plant a seed so that others may question who they are, how they think and to recreate themselves based on the grandest vision that they have for themselves.

I am an active duty military in the United States Navy, an entrepreneur , a father of one brilliant 6 year old son, a deep thinker, a writer, a dancer and a boxer. All of these things are apart of who I am but they do not ultimately define who I am. What truly defines me is the happiness that I have cultivated on the inside by digging deep and coming face to face with my own soul. The only reason any of these things have meaning, is because I FIRST began to love myself and I learned to be happy…for absolutely no reason at all.

I would love to make contact with you if this has touched you in some sort of way. I am on a journey to assist in setting others free so I can share this happiness and enthusiasm about life with who ever would be daring to join me. I dream with no limits. I literally believe that all things are possible to those who believe and don’t doubt their own potential. There are no chosen ones, we are all chosen to light the world on fire, if we choose to take a hold of the greatness and uniqueness that we all have hidden deep within each and every single one of us.

Oaktown Vibes






17 thoughts on “Who is Oaktown Vibes?

  1. Godspeed on your journey to freedom, and I hope you bless many along your way! 😉 Thank you for your service. I don’t think you guys get enough gratitude for all that you do, but I appreciate you fighting the fight for freedom; so, I and my family can live under its umbrella. ❤

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  2. You’re great…I’m honestly humbled by your words and speechless. All I can do is just let it sink in and say thank you. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and at times it feels like a thankless job but having someone reach out to me who does understand what we go through, it makes me want to take more pride in what we do and it makes it all worth it. Thank you so much, really, from the bottom of my heart.


    1. That’s awesome. When ever I come into contact with other like minded people, I get so excited and even more positive about my futures goals, knowing that I am not the only one who views life this way. Thank you for taking out time to read this post, ill be over to yours shortly to do some binge reading. Peace and love to you 🙂

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    1. It’s no problem at all lol that moment of realizing that we are who we believe THAT we are and that we get to choose how we are to live our lives is the most amazing thing ever. Thank you for taking the time to read this, your feed back is everything. Peace and love to you.

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