Whose brain is this anyways?

The most exciting part about life is deep work or as its mostly commonly known, personal development. The hardest thing about growth is that you must brutally honest with yourself. If you would consider body building for a minute…muscles only grow when you tear them down. Body builders don’t grow their bodies by lifting heavy weight, they grow their bodies by tearing down muscles and putting their bodies under an unbelievable amount of stress.

In order to grow the inward man, you must tear him down. You must seek out the weak points and foster them. How many times have you heard someone say that they want to be a millionaire or that they want to be rich? Or that they want to be a professional athlete or that they want to open a business? Well, it all starts with changing the way you think first. A millionaire can go broke and lose it all in a heart beat, and before you know it, they gain it all back and then some…why is that? Because they were already a millionaire in the ways that they think, their mind was the key to their success. The reality of their desired success was more real to them than their current reality.

You have to already be what you want to be before you can fully realize it. You have to transform your mind and retrain your thinking patterns. Deep work is when you do an honest critique on yourself about your strengths and areas that you may be lacking in. You cant go on a road trip with a tire that has a leak in it, you have to change it, otherwise the tire will completely go flat and you will never make it to your destination…or worst, you’ll be stranded in the middle of no where for who knows how long. The same it is when you start out on the path of what ever goal it is that you want to pursue. You must begin to change your thinking and think like the person you wish to become, you must be that person already and prepare for it as if it already belongs to you…and it already does, if you believe it to be so.

The beautiful thing about life is that we all have the ability to recreate ourselves and to become who and what we want to be, no matter our age, financial status or current situation. The only problem is…do you really believe its possible? Transformation only happens when you believe it to be possible and you believe it to already be so. You can read as many self help books as there are in the world and sit through hours of positive thinking seminars but they will do you no good unless you truly believe that you ARE the words coming off those pages that you are reading. Its possible to reshape your thinking and its possible to change your story no matter how far along in life or in your career you are.

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2 thoughts on “Whose brain is this anyways?

    1. You ARE the man. I usE daily affirmations several times a day and it has helped transform my thinking and in turn, my thinking and new found belief in myself has changed my outward reality. Just take it one thought, one positive affirmation and one day at a time. Peace and love to you my friend.

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