Is it really that bad or is it really that good?

We all have the ability to shape the out come of our situations based on the looking glass we decide to see them from. No matter where you are in life, you are responsible for everything that has ever happened to you…good and bad.

How we decide to see our lives, is exactly how it will ultimately be. Who ever fixed a dilemma by focusing on everything that is going wrong or could go wrong…? Any takers? Of course there aren’t any because when you focus on problems and limitations, you will get more of them. As you learn to see life as an opportunity to get better, those dilemmas turn into opportunities, but it begins with how you choose to see it.

Perspective is everything. Why do you think the rich keep getting richer and the poor get poorer? The rich see life from the stand point of being opportunists, taking advantage of what life throws their way, while the poor believe that life happens to them and everything is outside of their control. So the real dilemma isn’t the dilemma itself, the dilemma is the way you choose to look at the dilemma, and what you decide to do in response.

Our actions are a direct reflection of our thought process. If you focus solely on how bad a situation is going or if you focus on all of the things that could go wrong, they will! You will continue to do things to further dig yourself into a hole, if you choose to see the situation as bad, for no other reason other than you can’t see an opportunity when your head is down. You don’t get what you want by worrying, you get the outcome you want by focusing on what you DO want. When you focus on solutions, more solutions will come, when you focus on problems…well, you get the picture.

Ultimately, you get to decide if the dilemma is really a dilemma, or if it’s an opportunity to grow as a person or a means to to put you that much closer to your desired out come. The mind is everything, people underestimate the power of their thoughts and words. Your views and your mindset, shape your reality more than any action you could possibly take. Don’t focus on what you don’t want, focus on what you do want and you will get more of it.

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3 thoughts on “Is it really that bad or is it really that good?

  1. Thank you for writing this. What you’re saying is all very interesting and does make a lot of sense! I realised that up until the beginning of this year, I was focusing on what could go wrong, as opposed to what could go right – it’s amazing what a simple change in perspective can do for your mood!

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  2. You are so welcome and thank you for taking out the time to reach out to me. I definitely wrote this from first hand experience. For so long I was very pessimistic, thinking that I was being a realist but the moment I changed my perspective on life and it’s possibilities, everything began to change immediately. We’re humans and we all deal with tough situations but we have the option to choose to see the silver lining in the cloud or accept that “life just happens” to us. Thank you so much for your feedback. Peace and love to you brother.


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