Positive Vibes from Oaktown

Be willing to adjust your methods, but never give up. “I will not be denied” should be your war cry when it comes to any passion that is dear to you. When we decide to look at road blocks as obstacles, we begin to see that everything that may be appearing to block our path, is actually a growth opportunity to propel us forward. As we learn to rearrange the components of the obstacle or to figure a way around it altogether, we have gained a useful skill to put in our tool box to further our cause.

Winning at all costs should be the only thing going through your mind, no matter how difficult or heart breaking conditions may be. Everything we experience is for our highest good, and our highest good translates into something that could be use for the betterment of all of those around us. Pain and suffering are only there to weed out those who really aren’t hungry,  they are also the building blocks of the world changers and warriors.

Always remember that the odds have absolutely nothing to do with you. How one person’s story ended, does not have to be how yours will end, and it starts with your own mindset. Your own belief about your ability to succeed, will be the deciding factor. Outside events can either propel you or destroy you and ultimately, the choice is yours.

Oaktown Vibes



5 thoughts on “Positive Vibes from Oaktown

  1. Agreed. In the end, what matters, is who we are. Obstacles on our path are a signal for the things we need to change in ourselves. In order to solve any problem, you have to grow in consciousness, even the simplest problems, like searching the keys of your appartment, for example, you have to change yourself a bit to solve it. And you always remain changed. Big problems are in fact, opportunities for big growth. I like the matrix spoon quote, I guess you know about it, when the little boy bends the spoon and Neo asks him how to do it, and he replies: Do not try to bend the spoon, it is impossible, instead, only try to realise the truth. Then you will see there is no spoon, It is not the spoon that bends, it is yourself. It’s like that with the problems, they just stop being problems as we change. But it is one thing to understand this, and another to put it in practice huh. 🙂

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