You have what it takes to go the distance

One of the most disheartening  situations we can ever go through is being paralyzed for any length of time because we lost our motivation. Most people go on a winning streak where it seems like they cant lose and everything they touch turns to gold, until they reach that one hurdle they can’t seem to overcome…and then they give up and settle.

The problem isn’t so much as the hurdle in front of us; the “hurdle” is actually not realizing that its time to adapt when the landscape around us is changing. When we get comfortable with what has been working and we get into a routine, anything outside of the norm can derail us. So how do we bounce back from a slump you ask? Whether it be a writers block, loss of motivation for something we once lived for, or maybe we are unable to conjure up new ways to reinvent ourselves to be able to compete on the ever changing playing field of our craft…you must realize that rekindling the fire you once had, starts with YOU.

A strong sense of who you are is what will remind you of your purpose and the reason why you even got started in the first place. All breakthroughs begin with self. “Ground zero” is the foundation of all champions, right where you are in the present, being fully aware of yourself and what you represent, will get you started again. Anything we do in life, whether you realized it when you first got started or not, begins with you. Nothing outside of us can drive us, unless we believe that it too, is apart of us.

A few ways that we can get back to “ground zero” is by going back to what is familiar. Some examples of familiar things may be a favorite upbeat song, childhood friends, a favorite television show, a familiar location, or anything that will bring back positive feelings and the emotions behind why we initially got started. Most of the time when we plateau, its because we have lost that fire that burned within us from the beginning. We have to constantly remind ourselves of why it is that we do what we do, or why we desire to do what it is that we are aiming for. Dealing with negative stress or anything that may lower our forward progressing vibrations may be the reason behind why we became unmotivated…we must find our way back by cultivating those feelings once again.

Anything that will disrupt your positive vibrations when you’re in your creative space, has to go! Whether it be the people around you or yourself, by taking on one too many tasks. Always stay focused on one thing at a time. Spreading yourself thin will disrupt your equilibrium, thus taking away the drive to stay focused and motivated. Most people are so quick to throw their hands up and go with a back up plan the moment they lose motivation. Giving up is the last thing you need to do. What you need to do is face what ever it is that is blocking you from going on, and keep going until you break through what ever is in your way!

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9 thoughts on “You have what it takes to go the distance

  1. I really like the picture quote of this post. It grabbed my attention right away. As for your message… 🙂 Too much on my plate….hmmm a toddler, full time employment, my marriage, the house, my own interests and needs. It can be overwhelming and paralyzing trying to figure out the next step(s) when you hit a period of plateau or stagnation but also have many options and direction in which you can grow. It’s a nice problem to have, but it is overwhelming. I am not even sure how to recognize my positive vibrations. LOL

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    1. It can definitely be overwhelming but it really comes down to how bad do you want it. The only thing holding you back is the belief that you have “too much” on your plate. Even if that is true, you just have to develop the mindset that no matter what, I can do it…and even though I don’t know you personally, I believe you CAN do it. You can find time and if you cant, you can make time BUT the moment you say words and phrases like “cant” “too much” “only if” and so on, you have placed a limit on yourself. My work schedule is ridiculous working in the military and being stationed overseas, my off days are pretty much work days because they end up being 6 to 8 hour long training days…but I instilled in myself the belief that no matter what, I am going to make “this” happen! I appreciate your feed back, it sincerely means everything to me. Peace and love to you. Just keep in mind, your built for anything that life can throw at you.


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