5 Reasons why being lazy is a good thing

Being lazy is a good thing. The most productive thing you can do, is absolutely nothing at all. The time you spend doing nothing can be the most beneficial thing you can do, in route to your vision. With all of the noise around you, its hard to listen when a bright idea comes.

Growing up, my family frowned about inactivity and for good reason but inactivity is a good thing because you have time to think. One of the most neglected skills by people today, is the art of thinking. Not just any kind of thinking, but constructive thinking about the next steps you are going to take in making your idea work.

There are several reasons for why being lazy is a good thing and we’ll go over them here in just a second. I am a huge advocate of visualization. Not just visualizing something that makes you feel good and then thinking to yourself “only if…” but “this is what I want and this is how I’m going to make it work…” . If you’re in the middle of a day dream, don’t stop…keep dreaming, but when you’re done, get to work! Lets get started, shall we?

1. Being lazy gives you time to clear your mind

When someone is talking, it would behoove you to pay attention. Our minds are constantly overflowing with ideas and solutions to problems but when we are running around in our day to day routines and working our tails off, we don’t give any time to those suggestions. Stop, and listen. We look to this book and this speaker for motivation but everything we need is already inside of us. We are all geniuses and we all possess brilliant ideas and unless we have made it a practice of listening to our thoughts, we will never tap into the “bank of our mind”

2. Being lazy gives us a moment to evaluate ourselves

Have you ever taken a moment for soul searching? That process of asking the tough questions like who am I really? What do I really love to do? Why is the motivation behind what I do? Why do I want to do it? These are just a few critical questions that we should all ask ourselves and the sole main purpose of it, is to find our passion and to give ourselves completely to it. Our greatest treasure is found in honest self examination of ourselves, because found in that process is the key to our success. When we fully realize who we are apart from what it is that we do, we find our purpose and we begin to figure out what it is that we really want to do.

3. Being lazy gives us a moment to evaluate where we are

Taking a step back to really look at our current condition is what gives us proper perspective. When we do this we should ask ourselves why we are here and is this really where we want to be? If the answer is yes, we should add more fuel to the fire to further our progress. If the answer is no, we need to ask ourselves what we are doing wrong. Our outward condition is a direct reflection of our inner condition. When we don’t have a proper mental image of ourselves in our mind, our lives begin to resemble a mass of confusion. If we don’t have a positive view of ourselves, we tend to take on negative characteristics and habits. When we are deliberate about our thoughts considering ourselves, we tend to manifest a reality that directly reflects our goals and aspirations. Where we are currently is a direct reflection of where we are mentally.

4. Being lazy gives us time to be more creative

Have you ever set aside time to just plan out your future? Writing things down is extremely beneficial but we should put the “theater” of our mind to good use. The thoughts we have, whether negative or positive, are “movie trailers” of what is to come. If we have thoughts of worry, our actions will prepare the way for it. If our thoughts are fixed on the out come we want, our actions will prepare the way because we know exactly where we are going. Our greatest asset is our ability to think ahead and create the grandest vision of the future we want but don’t just look at the big picture, visualize how you will get there. If you find difficulty visualizing the “staircase” to the “promised land” just continue to keep the mental image of the out come in mind. The more you focus on the mental image, the stronger the magnetic pull will be, people and the resources will come out of no where to assist you in achieving it.

5. Being lazy will recharge your batteries

We are all human, no one can operate properly and at their best unless they give their mind and body a chance to recharge. The easiest way to lose motivation for something you love is to over work yourself. The problem with most people these days is that we don’t know how to turn everything off. It may seem like it takes no effort at all but playing on your phone, doing research and even reading books (even when you aren’t taking physical action) is counter productive…you are still working. Learn to sit still, turn the music off and sit in complete silence. Take out at least an hour of time for silence. There are 24 hours in each day, 168 hours in a week…an hour or 2 out of each day to yourself, wont kill your dreams.

Forget everything you have been taught thus far about being lazy. Laziness can be very destructive if you aren’t using that time for constructive reasons but the opportunity to sit and do nothing is a luxury you CAN afford when you are working tirelessly at materializing your dreams. Take advantage of your “me” time, and the results you get, once you return back to working on what ever it is you love, will astound you.

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9 thoughts on “5 Reasons why being lazy is a good thing

  1. Most of what you describe as “laziness” is really taking time to use your brain constructively instead of just running around accomplishing nothing. I totally agree with being lazy in the way you describe. We all need to do it.
    I also agree with number 5 in that we sometimes need to just unplug our brains.

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      1. It’s a good post. I’ve done that kind of thing but since I’m a kind of “stream of consciousness” thinker I need to write things down as they occur to me.


  2. Haha i saw another article somewhere that being lazy is linked to being intelligent. I’m pretty sure it is linked because of all the time you get to spend thinking rather than feeling like you need to do something.

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    1. Its funny you say that but I read an article on Warren Buffet and how he made his billions, apparently he spends 90% of his time thinking and 10% working on his investments. This man is worth 33 billion dollars…if that doesn’t show the world how much more important it is to set aside time for thinking, I don’t know what is!


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