Human Beings were designed to achieve

Growing up, I would hear more about how I should have a back up plan, more than anything else. The biggest problem for people is the fear of disappointment. We’ll spend more time coming up and preparing for a back up plan than we do giving our energy toward making our first plan work. We actually end up believing in our plan “B” more than we do our plan “A” and this is why most fail and never start again.

One thing about failure, is that it wasn’t designed to be a dead end, failure is nothing more than a stop sign. An opportunity to pause for a moment and evaluate ourselves and the results we have come up with. The greatest failure in life is moving on to the something completely different from what we originally started, before looking at all there is to learn from our failure. You learn more in failure than you ever will in success and in fact, failure is an integral part in the process.

Failure teaches us where we went wrong, if we are able to detach ourselves from the disappointment and not to take it personal as if you are the failure. You are not a failure, you are not your mistakes, but you can become defined by them if you are unwilling to learn from them. All human beings are designed to achieve, and failure, in every case, is the key to our achievement.

Everything that happens to us is for our highest good. Every mishap and misfortune is placed in our path so that the grandest story of hope may be told. It is your birth right to win! Winning is non-negotiable, we ALL must win. We all have the good stuff that every great achiever is made of, and failure is the solid foundation that we all are built from. Failure turns an ordinary success into a legend of hope and a cautionary tale to all.

Failure is where we find out what went wrong. Life is not rigged against any of us, no one is more lucky than the next but what makes one more lucky than another is their ability to undergo self examination. In failure, we find all of the answers to the test. We find out what we over looked, what we didn’t do, what we did wrong and to what extent we should do it next time. Failure is more important than success. Success gives us this illusion that it is unlikely that we will lose, while failure provides us the blue print that explains the reason for the loss, but also gives us the steps by which we shall avoid it.

What ever it is that you can envision, it is already yours, if you can be consistent and learn from failure. We are beings that are powerful beyond measure and nothing is beyond our capabilities. The moment we think a thing, the “how to” is given. The only problem is that the “why it won’t” comes right along with it, and they come in higher volume than the “how to’s”. Push can’t out of your mind and KNOW that you are built to win! You don’t need to convince yourself with an explanation of how it will work, all you need is a reason for why it will and why it must.

Oaktown Vibes


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