Why it is your obligation to be successful

Everyone is motivated to be successful for one reason or another. Some are motivated to escape their current realities, others for their love of achievement, to prove everyone wrong that counted them out and the list goes on. Every reason for why you want to be successful is valid, but there is one reason that sets world shaking success side from the common results of success and that reason, is for the inspiration for others.

Most people don’t believe in themselves. The majority of people on a world wide scale wont even attempt to go after something because they don’t even believe its possible, they think they need to be special, have a ridiculous amount of money or they’re under the illusion that you need to know people in high places. All of these reasons are extremely useful but they are not mandatory, nor are they true.

Hope is what people really need and if unless they see that its possible by observing the success of another, they won’t be inspired to tackle a vision that is outside of the norm. This is where YOU come in. In the midst of discouragement, disappoint and uncertainty, you have to make it your duty to be successful because someone you don’t even know, needs you to be successful. You are that one glimmer of hope that could spark the brain that can change this world.

We are all inspired by the success another, those people are our role models. What speaks volumes to us is their ability to over come the current circumstances they were in. Nothing is impossible for any of us to over come and achieve, ordinary everyday people like us make miracles happen everyday. Our belief in ourselves and the reason for why we are doing it, is what makes it possible. Everyone deals with doubt and a lack of resources at some point, but your drive behind doing it is what gives you the push to make it happen, at all costs.

Achieving your goal ultimately translates into the betterment of the lives of those around you. When you step outside of yourself and consider the people you know or even the people you don’t know, your creativity is magnified and impossibility becomes just another obstacle that you learn to climb over or work around. The impact of your determination and resourcefulness will be the ammunition that some that has no hope will need.

Oaktown Vibes


6 thoughts on “Why it is your obligation to be successful

  1. Reblogged this on The Honking Goose and commented:
    I agree with and support the ideas expressed in this article by
    Oaktownvibes. And I would like to expand on those ideas with the following:

    One of the most crucial areas in which society needs to progress (and in a way, regress, actually) is our collective perception of “success”. Right now, there is a strong societal pressure to be successful in a career/financially. I hope in the future, and certainly in the past, cultures have had a wider vision of what constitutes success. Religion, I think, played a valuable role in many regards in that it offered people ways to be successful morally, in service to ourselves and our communities. But we don’t need religion to come to a group concensus that there is value in service to others and to the greater good.

    Further, I think this is a critical facet almost entirely missing from the current feminism movement. Trying to reach for equality with men by trying to achieve the same goals as them, and in the same way as them, is fine for anyone that chooses that path, but it is absolutely not a requisite for equality. Women deserve equal respect and rights while still maintaining individuality and autonomy as a sex or gender if that is what is satisfying to them. That is challenging though, because it means we need to retrain our society to place equal value on things like childcare, housekeeping, community building, service to others. And I hope it is clear that I’m not saying women should do those things only, I’m not. I’m saying when a woman OR a man provides childcare, or a clean and safe home, or a helping hand to someone who needs it, that woman OR man deserves the same respect and honor as someone who built a business from scratch or got elected to serve in government, for example.

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  2. Great piece. How we define success is personal and open to interpretation – it is not monetary, or how much wealth you accumulate but how you as a person inspire others and yourself in the process. Be all you can be and more – that to me is true success.


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