The reason why you will never measure up to others

One of the main roots of depression stems from this chronic disease that all of humanity shares as a collective…the disease of comparing. We all want to stand out, and we feel that in order to do that, we have to be more and/or do more than the next person. When we don’t measure up or meet certain bench marks that the next person has surpassed, we tend to have a low view of ourselves. Get over it! You will never measure up to other individuals or society’s standards simply because you are YOU!

We are all unique and we all have a gift to give to the world that no one else can give. When we look to our left or to our right, we limit ourselves…we are trying to give something to the world that wasn’t meant for us to give. When we compare ourselves to others, we take the gift that we were suppose to give the world, and bury it in a ditch, where it will do the world no good. There is no set standard that everyone must live up to (accept the law of morality), there is no bar that we all have to reach for…each of us IS that bar for ourselves.

Its one thing to admire certain traits and characteristics of people we look up to, but then its another to try and duplicate their accomplishments. When our goal is to live up to a certain expectation that people have of us, we either fall short or end up accomplishing nothing, even if we do succeed. The only true accomplishment in this life is finding our OWN passion, cultivating it and sharing its fruits with the world.

Notice how most times, when we don’t do or achieve something that someone else has, we become inactive in pretty much every area in our lives. We feel like we are worthless because they did it and we can’t…but was the goal really a passion of yours to begin with? Or were you trying to recreate something because you felt as though you would only get validation and acceptance from others by measuring up to them? Find the thing that makes your heart flutter and let it carry you off to distant lands that you never thought existed.

The world is the easel and our talents are the paint brush. We all have the ability to create at will. We all are experts at what we love doing because it comes natural. People as a whole neglect the one thing that is already in their hands, mostly because someone else at some point told them that it was silly or that it would get them no where. I say to you, pick up that “paint brush” and do what you were destined to do…paint!

Shape the world as you will, so as long as it brings harm to no one and works in perfect harmony with the laws of morality that govern good will amongst other human beings. You lose your creative power and your identity when you look over your shoulders in hopes that you’re keeping up with others because each person on this earth has an assignment tailor made for them. You will never measure up to their standards and they can never measure up to yours. You are your own standard and the only person you should be looking at to track their progress, is you.

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5 thoughts on “The reason why you will never measure up to others

  1. My BROTHER!!! THIS was fantastic! Dang man. Loved every word, and I don’t mean that as hyperbole.

    “Or were you trying to recreate something because you felt as though you would only get validation and acceptance from others by measuring up to them?” This quote resonated with me so deep because for a long time that’s exactly what I was trying to do. And you’re right, I think too many people are mixing up the meaning of “calling” with “following”.

    Plus the Lecrae quote made me smile, that too.

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    1. I love Lecrae my boy haha! I’m glad that this found a place in you, I had been going over the idea for this post the last few days and finally I just decided to let it flow. I was there at one time myself as well but at this point in my life, I’m learning to love what I do and to only do what resonates with my soul and makes me happy. As with you, before I knew the difference between a “calling” and just plain “following” but now I do…you also just inspired me to write another blog post with your last sentence of your thoughts. You’re great man…I sincerely mean that. Shape the world as you will my man, don’t play small…you have people to touch. Peace and love to you brother.

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  2. Reblogged this on juantetcts and commented:
    Loved his take on comparisons! I would guess the levels of depression are on an upswing thanks to social media. We now have the ability to now compare ourselves not only to our personal friends and family, but also to people we don’t even knowl! In the past we might have only tried to live like the few Joneses we came into contact with in own limited social circles, or read about in magazines. Now there is an entire society of “Joneses” directly at our fingertips to tempt us even more into the trap of being ungrateful for what we have.

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