Where did all the time go?

The present is all we have at this very moment in time. Depression sets in when we dwell on the past and what we did wrong, what we should have done or didn’t do. Focusing solely on the future will do the same as well, considering that what can be done about the future is dependent upon what we do with the next time we presently have.

Time is the most precious thing available to all of us. Its something that the rich and poor have alike. We all come into this earth filthy rich and over flowing with time, whether some of us have our lives cut short or whether we live to be 80 or 90 years old. The biggest problem as people that we have is that we waste that time. We spend time being more busy and working hard, that we never devote our time to things that really matter…the people who love us and our passions.

Some people never have time, or at least they think they don’t and its because their time is being spent building something that they don’t really love. We spend our lives working a career because it pays well or for job security, or even maybe because its something that would make our family members and friends proud. Its all a waste of time, if you aren’t happy and its not putting you closer to a life that you really want. Unlike money, once time is gone, you can never get those seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years back.

I grew up being told that life is short, but it really isn’t. Life is only short when its full of empty time. Empty time is time that you spend on things that don’t make a positive impact, empty time is time that you spend on things that don’t fulfill you…sadly, most of the worlds population is just getting by on empty time. A full life is spent touching people, finding solutions to problems that you only you can solve…a full life is realizing your purpose, finding your passion and giving it back to the world.

Be weary of how you spend your time. Sometimes we have to do things that we don’t necessarily want to do (temporarily) to pay our bills or as stepping stones on the way to what we really want, but don’t you dare go another day devoting all of your time building someone else’ dream without working on your own. Time wasted is time that does YOU no good, time wasted is time that you could have used to make that amazing idea come to fruition that you have been thinking about for so long, but you give it to something or someone else that doesn’t ultimately serve your highest good.

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7 thoughts on “Where did all the time go?

    1. Thank you. I haven’t finished the book yet but I was definitely inspired by “On the shortness of Time” by Seneca. It really made me evaluate how I spend my time and how to use it effectively instead of wasting it.


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