Who is going to love me?

The reason why love hurts, is because people don’t understand what love is. Love, like running, is an action. The act of running itself doesn’t hurt. The act of running is a positive action in and of itself, until you use it in the context of a football game when your running full speed into an opposing team member to get to the ball. Love is more or less the same way.

Love is more than just words, its more than just a feel good emotion, love is visible and everyone should be able to see it…if its real love. Before you can love anyone, you must first love yourself. The way you feel about yourself will also translate into how you treat others. When you’re in a relationship and your partner breaks your heart, its not love that hurt you, that persons lack of love for themselves is what hurt you.

Just like happiness must first begin on the inside before anything else will truly make you happy, you must also cultivate love for yourself. When you truly love yourself and you accept that everything about you is who you ARE, you will find peace. The sad thing about society is that it would have us to believe that we are unworthy of love and acceptance because we don’t look like or do certain things, or that we aren’t where we are suppose to be in life. This should not be.

We are exactly who we are suppose to be. We look exactly the way we are suppose to look and nothing about us is flawed. We all know that people by nature are fickle and if society is made up of imperfect people that go which ever direction the wind blows, then why subject ourselves to societies beliefs? YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE PERFECT JUST AS YOU ARE.

Self love is the solid foundation that everything we do in life and accomplish, is built on. Nothing we do in life will last unless we unconditionally love ourselves. I’m not referring to a type of “love” that puts others down to lift itself up or the type of “love” that seeks separation to be put on a peddle stool, but the kind of self love that realizes its own uniqueness and what it has to offer to the world. If it tears others down and glorifies itself, its not love…its self hate because all human beings are connected and we all need each other.

The love you’re looking for is on the inside of you, you have to give yourself that love. A person will only love you as deeply as they know and love themselves. Make a practice of waking up in the morning and smiling at yourself in the mirror. Talk to yourself, tell yourself all the positive things you need to hear. Love yourself, and the outside world will return the same amount of love that you give yourself.

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23 thoughts on “Who is going to love me?

  1. We definitely have to love ourselves first before we can love others. This is a very brilliant and inspiring post and I really enjoy reading it.

    I’m on to the next one. By the way where is your like button?


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  2. First, I read your “About” page and loved it. My brothers were all served (one Navy, two Marines (one fallen), and one Army). It’s great you love your city. I’m a country gal and cities freak me out. “I need cows!” is my cry when driving through a city.
    Now, on to this post. It’s brilliant. Love *is* an action. I’d never thought about it that way before but it’s true. You have a gift, Kiddo. I look forward to reading your posts!

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    1. You’re some. I appreciate you for reaching out to me and giving me feedback, your words are everything. Ultimately I just want to see people be the highest version of themselves and I don’t wanna see anyone suffer. I’m very new to WordPress so your kind words are so encouraging like you have no idea. I look forward to reading your posts as well…I appreciate you. Peace and love to you.

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  3. HI Kritshaurya, you have a very good post here. I remember reading a little book called: Love is a Feeling to be Learn. Basically talked about the concept that you shared. Love is not a fussy word to throw it out there. Love without action, without taking responsibilities, without consideration of others, without giving yourself, is an empty word. In one language, love has three levels: intimate love, serving love, or friendly love. At any level, actions are the manifestation behind the word. Good job for your thoughts behind your post.
    By the way, you followed my inactive blog. If you don’t mind, click my active blog and click follow again, so you’ll get my current posts. Thank you. Miriam

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    1. No problem at all and as much as I am in love with Kritshaurya’s content, I am the originator of this piece 🙂 His blog is beautiful as well but thank you for the kind words and the feedback. Your energy is amazing. Peace and love to you.

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  4. I’ve spent all year working on myself…meditating, writing, nurturing myself. The end result is that I have just now learned to love myself, and realized I am finally capable of feeling the love of others. It’s beautiful:)

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    1. It really is and the funny thing about it is that I have the same story. Its been painful but its all worth it. As I learn to whole heartedly accept myself, I learn that I find less and less flaws in others, and I’m learning to take them as they are.

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  5. Woah! This post is so GOOD! Ok I have to quote like three things in here that made me stop in my tracks. The first one was “It’s not love that hurts you its that persons lack of love for themselves that hurts you.” I literally screamed on that one. Then, ” nothing in life will last unless we unconditionally love ourselves” I had a AH-HA moment on that one. Lastly, which was my favorite “if it tears other people down and glorifies itself..its not love..its self hate” I dropped the mic on this one. I am in love with the way you think on this post. WOOOWWWW!!!

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