The Reason It Continually Gets Worst

When ever things don’t go our way, we become our own worst enemies. Just because a situation gets worst whether we are the cause of it or not, does not mean its a reflection of us or our capabilities. People bounce back from hardships everyday. The tragedy isn’t in the situation itself, the tragedy is in how we think of ourselves after the damage is done.

No matter how bad it gets, the situation will improve if you have the proper mindset. When we get down on ourselves, the situation gets worst because of our opinion of the situation. There is no situation that is outside of our control. We have the choice in whether it gets better or worst. We have the choice to see the situation as something that could be used to our advantage, or to look at the situation as a dead end.

No situation is too much for you. Every situation can be used for your highest good, if you make the choice to see it that way. When you’re too busy getting down on yourself, you miss all the opportunities to fix it because you aren’t looking up. Pain and disappointment are very real emotions, but every emotion is fleeting. Emotions are nothing more than feelings, and feelings come and go. It doesn’t make sense to make a permanent decision based off of temporary feelings about the problem.

All of life is mental and the situation is only as good or as bad as you decide it will be. Look at failure as the chance to stop and reassess the situation, before going forward again. The greatest triumphs in life come when people make the decision to see failure as a chance to grow and get stronger. As the famous Jim Rohn said, “You can have more than already have, because you can become more than you already are.” Hardships are an opportunity to grow and invest in yourself.

Every time you come out of a situation, you’ll have more strength than when you first went in. You’ll be more wiser and you can see things more clearly because  what you went through didn’t take your life. The key in obtaining this new found strength and this new perspective, is in choosing to see the situation for what it is, instead of for how bad you think it is. Its a fact that what ever happened to you, happened to you, but what you do next is the only thing that matters. Choose to win!

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6 thoughts on “The Reason It Continually Gets Worst

    1. You are too welcome, forgive me, my response is way over due. This year has been transformative for me and I thought that maybe this post would be of some use to someone who may be dealing with the habit that we all have of beating ourselves up when we make mistakes.

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