One scoop of happiness please?

People make the concept of finding happiness more complex than it already is. Most of life’s answers are right there in front of our faces…or in most cases, right there in the palm of our hand or right inside of us. We already are exactly what we want and what we desire to be.

If there is something that you want, you just have to realize that you already have it. I am a huge believer in energy and vibrations. You will only attract what you already are and what you have. If you don’t have something, its because your own energy and vibrations are repelling it. The problem for most people is that they look outside of themselves for happiness, and don’t understand why they cant really obtain it.

You have to be solid in who you are FIRST. If your thoughts are always negative and doubtful, you will attract the very thing that you really don’t want. What your mind dwells on the most, will ultimately become your reality. You don’t push away what you don’t want by thinking about it, you push it away by focusing solely on what you do want. But before you can attract anything positive, you must first be over flowing with positivity on the inside.

Happiness is something you create, contrary to what we have all been taught, you don’t pursue it. You have to be the source of your own happiness, you have to put a smile on your own face, you have to fall in love with yourself and love yourself unconditionally, before anyone else can. Have you ever noticed that people will only love you as much and as deeply as you love yourself? If you’re looking for love because you’re trying to fill a void, you will only run into partners that are just fillers…people who aren’t wholesome for you but they’re just there to fill the space and time.

The same goes for happiness. If you aren’t truly happy about yourself and where you are in life, nothing else will make you happy, even if you do achieve the things that you desired to accomplish. We find our happiness by being in the present. We find our happiness by looking in the mirror and realizing that “this is me” and realizing that you are here and now for a reason. We find our happiness by realizing that there is nothing outside of us and we are connected to everything and everyone. We find our happiness by realizing that we have that one thing in us that can change the world. Most importantly, we find our happiness when we stop apologizing for who we are, when we realize that we cannot be compared to anyone else in the world because we are exactly what we were meant to be all along.

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14 thoughts on “One scoop of happiness please?

  1. I think it’s unrealistic to expect to be happy all the time. We as humans have a range of emotions for a reason. To fully live we must experience and express them all. That said, we are only as happy as we decide to be!!

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    1. I do see your point but although we have a range of emotions, that doesn’t mean that we have to allow ourselves to sit and drown in the negative ones. To feel a certain way is a choice. Just like we have a choice in the actions we take, we also have a choice in which emotions we choose to entertain…our emotions are very real but most of the time, the negative ones are self inflicted because of our perception of what ever is causing us discomfort. I do agree that we must experience and feel all of our emotions, but the ultimate aim in that should be to achieve happiness. When we deny how we feel, it does more damage to us than good so yes its good to embrace all of our emotions when they come, but also, if we allow ourselves to be dominated by our negative emotions, it does us no good and its actually counter productive. The sole purpose of this post was to point to happiness coming from within, instead of looking without. I have my bad days just like anyone else, but I embrace what I’m feeling and I let it go because what person likes to be depressed and sad all of the time or for any length of time? I do appreciate your feed back and I definitely respect and value your point of view.


      1. All I wanted to say was that the way out of the negative emotions is through them. If we allow ourselves to feel them and express them (positively) then and only then can we be free from them!

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      2. I completely agree with on this explanation. If anything we agree on the same thing but we’re both just using different wording but I completely agree with your exact wording here.


      3. I kinda figured. Sometimes it’s hard to really connect online. I guess body language and vocal inflections account for like 90% of communication!

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