Picking up the pieces and starting again

At the heart of complacency is a lack of focus and not keeping your purpose at the forefront of your mind. Everyone is full ideas that could completely revolutionize the way we think and live, but even deeper than losing our focus or sight of our purpose, is fear. Fear that we may not get the desired outcome that we want.

We all have a gift to give back to the world whether its in direct service to people or in liberating others by fearlessly living our lives to our satisfaction. Sometimes the biggest obstacle in front of us may be the big picture itself. Destination addiction can completely paralyze us and we may never get started or continue because we want the final product more than we desire to make an impact.

Success is the byproduct of doing what we love and have a passion to do but when we focus on the byproduct, that desire seems to leave us. Even in my own experience, I have noticed that when I put the desire to reach people above the desire to reach the outcome I wanted, I seem to have super human powers and a drive that just won’t stop. When we boil things down to a bottom line and focus on the why, the motor gets going again.

Laziness may even play a role in our inaction and we have to be honest enough with ourselves to pin point it and get down to the root of it. At the root of laziness is fear. When we are certain of the results of our hard work, we work harder without fail…no matter what we encounter. When we doubt that our actions will even produce the results we want, we slack off and get deterred but other frivolous activities that don’t service our purpose in the long run.

We can get started or rekindle this fire by disconnecting completely from anything that may grab our attention by spending time in complete silence. The answer we are looking for will come to us when we turn off all the noise and distractions around us. Reading books is great, listening to music or watching motivational YouTube videos is also extremely helpful in finding inspiration but the answer to our deepest questions can only be found inside of us, if we can manage to quiet the mind.

We may feel rushed to start or finish a project but the most productive thing you can do is to shut it all down until you find some sort of inspiration. Don’t do anything related to what it is you want to do because it will only continue to drain you if you don’t have the fuel of motivation to keep you going. Go back to where it all started. If helping people is the main objective, focus solely on that and immerse yourself in the fulfillment you get from serving others…all else that you desire has no choice but to be the result of continuously giving what ever it is you have to people.

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12 thoughts on “Picking up the pieces and starting again

    1. I am undone…you’re amazing for this. I swear I would give you the biggest hug ever if I was there 🙂 This is amazing…your feedback is everything. I appreciate you for this because you really didn’t have to, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. This is very true. I remember reading this quote once that went something like: your passion for success has to be greater than your fear of failure.

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    1. I agree. People don’t want to seem crazy for talking to themselves, but why not if you know exactly what you need to hear? We are all experts (for the most part) at knowing what we need, but sadly, we rather wait to get the green light from others. I absolutely love personal development myself, and I’m a huge advocate of positive self talk.

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    1. You’re very welcome and don’t stop! Use every experience to your advantage, whether its positive and it sets you up to move forward or whether you make a mistake which opens up the opportunity to learn and use the new piece of wisdom to be more effective next time around. Peace and love to you!

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