Shine in the dark

The worst moments of our lives are actually the best moments. In those moments we are forced to come face to face with ourselves and what truly is at the heart of why we do what we do. When there’s no where to turn, we have only one direction to look to and that is directly at ourselves. Our conditions reflect who and what we really are on the inside.

Life will only be as amazing as we are on the inside. We can only give as much as what we already are and this is why the darkest moments of our lives are the most important and urgent…the darkness actually lights our paths. In those moments, we dig deep to gain a proper perspective of our purpose in relation to our gifts and our ability to express them. When the night seems like it will never end, it is because we have not yet seen in the dark, what needs to be brought to light. In the midst of a dark period, I say to you, stay there!

Our thoughts are the cause and our conditions are the effect. If we are empty on the inside, so will our outside world be as well. No matter what you do or what you have, it will never be enough until YOU become enough. The source of all insight and happiness begins with you. People will spend their lives trying to find their purpose and the meaning of life, not realizing that the purpose and meaning of life is found within you. The world can not give you what you don’t already have. You are the one who creates purpose within you and until you understand this, nothing you do will give you fulfillment.

Look to those things which make you happy. The key to creating who you are is tied into what makes your heart flutter. The amazing point of it all is that when you look at what makes your heart smile, that very thing will point right back to you…you ar. The physical world is a reflection of you. If your circumstances are unfavorable, most likely there is some unrest and discord inside of you. If your circumstances seem to be rigged in your favor and your life is likened to that of a fairy tale, the world within you is an unseen paradise of joy, creativity and peace.

People see pain as a bad thing but pain is the most underestimated tool to all human success. Pain can either make you or break you, but the beautiful thing about it is that you have the choice to decide. You have the choice to turn a negative into a positive. Darkness puts you in a position to decide how you will look at this pain, darkness gives you options to decide from, if you can step outside of yourself and look at this pain objectively.

Believe it or not, life is always looking for a way to work together for your highest good. Life is not hard but life forces you into a hard place because when people are fed up with their conditions, they make drastic changes, almost immediately. Not all people respond this way because most people cant see pass their current circumstance. When observing life, we see that all life forms will either adapt or whither away…when the desire to survive and thrive is stronger than doubt and fear, the impossible happens. The darkest moment comes before the big demonstration. The reason doubt and fear weigh on you the most at that very moment, is because the decision you make next,  will ultimately change the course of your life for the better…if you choose to shine in the dark.

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  1. Dear friend, I have nominated you for a Mystery Blogger Award. Here is the link You are not in any way obligated to accept, and I fully understand that not everyone has the time and inclination to participate in these self-and-others-promoting exercises. Therefore, I will truly appreciate if you accept the nomination, as I sincerely think you deserve it, but I won’t get offended if you don’t. Nominating each one of you is my way of giving credit to some exceptional bloggers and perhaps attracting attention to your work.

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