Is it in sync with your soul?

All it takes is one tiny flame to set a whole forest ablaze. You don’t need to reach the whole world on your own, you just need to be the starting point by doing what comes natural to you. The wealthiest locations in the world are cemeteries, because they’re filled with men and women that died with extraordinary dreams and ideas. They didn’t understand that small acts fueled by love and compassion or that baby steps could make a difference in the world.

Many people die without realizing their dreams, not because they are incapable of accomplishing them, but because they listen to the ones they love the most. Our loved ones mean well, but when they give their opinions on our capabilities or what direction is best for us to take, they’re speaking from their own experience and from their own limitations that they have placed on themselves. We have to learn how to gracefully disagree and go right back to honing our craft and sticking to what we have a passion to do. Our passions are tied to our purpose, we are all born with a gift, so that we can give it back to the world…so why would you trust someone with a gift that YOU were born with?

We all have a mission to fulfill in this life. It is no mistake that life is brief, we are born within a certain time period at a strategic point in time for a reason. In comparison to how long this world has been around (depending on your religious background, either several thousand or several million years) even a life span of 90 to 100 years old is like a mere  breath in time. To some, this may seem discouraging or depressing for many but for some, it can be extremely empowering. It can be empowering knowing that with the time we all have been given, even as individuals, we can make an impact and influence humanity in a positive way.

Each of us has the capability to impact the world in a huge way, but in order to reach our highest selves so that we may serve this world with our lives and our gifts, we must not agree with others when alternative options are given that they think would better suit us. The reason they cant see our vision or understand our passion is because its not for them. WE have been tasked with using OUR gifts for the good of others. By doing what we love and what feels natural to us, we peaceably disagree, by doing the exact opposite of living inside the dreaded “box” that our loved ones and society has prepared for us to live in.

Never limit yourself to make others feel comfortable around you, but always keep in mind that all gifts have been given to us for a purpose much bigger than ourselves. The most innovative people that were born into this world, rebelled with their lives, by being creative and by not marching to the tune of their peers and the world around them. When you agree with the norm, you disappear. No one ever stood out or made an impact on the world by agreeing it.

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27 thoughts on “Is it in sync with your soul?

  1. I am so blessed because my family, especially my husband, believes I’m capable of anything. In spite of my disability (and the physical restrictions it causes) they think I can accomplish whatever I choose. This belief has made me more courageous about trying new things and doing the things I already love.

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    1. It really is a blessing, a lot of people don’t have that kind of support and in some cases even those with support are still unmotivated because they don’t believe in themselves. I swear I love your mind, the way you look at your disability is inspiring. Most people would have given up, having a restricting disability, but you have decided to view it as it really is…an ADVANTAGE! Your positivity and optimistic mindset is contagious. Peace and love to you.

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      1. I have two biological sons and I have “adopted” all of their friends. I’m adding you to my list of sons. Lean over here. Give me your cheek. *SMOOCH* And now I’ll say what I say to all my boys…”You’re such a sweetie!”

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    1. I sincerely appreciate the feedback and I’m very grateful to know that this post was useful in a positive way to somebody. My overall goal is to share lessons from my own experience so that others may make sense of what they may be going through or so you that they may find peace in their suffering. Peace and love to you my friend and stay in touch.

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  2. Great post! Here’s something interesting…I haven’t been on here since last Saturday. I come on today, write a post with the word “soul” in the title, and come across this post and another post with the same thing…the word “soul”. I think it’s a message for me to possibly do some soul searching:)


    1. Please forgive me for the delay, I took some much need time away from my blog. I hope that you’ve made some progress on your journey of soul searching and I’m grateful that you saw this in your time of need. I hope that all is well with you. There will be a lot more to come and especially on this topic. Thank you for your feed back and for commenting and sharing your thoughts. Peace and love to you.


    1. Please forgive me for the delay, I took some much needed time away from my blog. I really appreciate your feed back and you for taking out time to comment and share your thoughts, and I will most certainly check out your blog 🙂

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    1. You are too welcome and please forgive me for my late response. I believe when we operate from that mentality, our chances of being successful in what ever we do becomes a landslide definite instead of a “possibility”. With billions of people on the planet, my personal philosophy is that everything we do should be for the good of others. I believe we should improve our lives because we personally want to be happy and enjoy life but I also believe we should share those fruits with others in hopes that they would also give to others who need what they have. I appreciate your feedback, peace and love to you.

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    2. Thank you so much for your feed back Anne. Please forgive me for the long delay, I took some much needed time away from my blog. I firmly believe that service to others is what we are all here for, considering that some of us are in a position to give more of our talents, time and even financial abundance to aid others or to “show the way” in how we are to love and care for one another.

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  3. This is all so very true. I haven’t learned how to respectfully/gracefully disagree yet. Instead, I just don’t share my dreams with people who are close-minded, and later share the product.


    1. I am so sorry for the delay, I took some much needed time away from my blog but I too take the same approach. Although I rather just walk away when disagreements do happen to avoid any conflict, I’m very selective about who I share my vision with as well. Energy is contagious and I don’t hang around long unless a person is on the same frequency, more so to protect myself and my dreams as well…I can definitely relate.

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