Young forever?

Life is meant to be hard. Life is meant to be challenging, but not all lessons come through heart ache and struggle. Hardships are there to force us to dig deep and grow, as with positive situations that bring smiles to our faces. From the day we are born, until the day that we pass from this life, we will be learning and hopefully, becoming more valuable to those around us.

I like to look at life as on going schooling. Everyday there is something new to learn, whether it be from a bad experience or a good one. Where people go wrong in this learning process is that they have a tendency to take things personal as though negative things shouldn’t be happening to them and then they reject the lesson being taught…but its not there to break you. As we journey through life, lessons will be on going, some taught through pain and others taught through observation from the outside and/or laughter.

The beautiful thing about personal growth is that its an Unfinished process, until the day we take our last breath. Our experiences are not just our experiences either. What I have noticed is that when we go through something and then come in contact with some one experiencing the same or something similar, we’re able to ease their suffering or they have more clarity about whats going on because of what we have already experienced. In the midst of what ever season you’re going through, be joyful with an open mind that the cup you sip from whether it be bitter or sweet, is for the sake of those around you.

Some seem to think that when it rains it pours, its not so much that bad things continue to happen to you, its more so that you aren’t gaining anything from the reoccurring experiences. Life actually does keep tabs on your ability to comprehend and learn from an experience by how well you treat others or even yourself. The same repeated behaviors are clear evidence that you haven’t been growing from prior experiences as you should have, so if you ever wonder why a thing keeps happening to you, you may want to evaluate yourself.

Everyday you should wake up with excitement because there is always something new to learn and to marvel at, that you did not know before. When you think you have seen it all or that no one can teach you anything new, think again! If you aren’t learning something new everyday, its probably because you aren’t looking outside yourself to observe what is happening. Some things that happened in the past may not have made sense when they first occurred, you will always learn the answer whether in the near future or distant.

When things happen to you or for you and you don’t have an answer as to why or you don’t understand, this is probably a sign that a new lesson is being taught and to keep your eyes open for the answer.



8 thoughts on “Young forever?

  1. I cannot explain how happy I feel to read this post of yours. This is amazingly inspiring for everyone, especially, for those who lose faith in their lives so easily.
    Life is a journey; a learning process. Don’t give up so easily!
    More power to you and your blog ❤

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    1. I’m happy it touched you, really. One thing that burns my heart is when people suffer and people walk past them without trying to encourage them or give them hope. We should all make the people around us feel like they matter and like they are capable. You’re great, thank you for the love.

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  2. Reblogged this on Novelacious and commented:
    Ups and downs are a part of our lives. Learn from your mistakes and move ahead. Don’t give up so easily!
    Read this wonderful post by my fellow blogger, who doesn’t shy away from propagating that life is a journey full of learnings. Don’t lose faith so quickly 🙂

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