Donald Trump is my President

This post comes after one of the most historic moments in American history. Donald Trump has been elected to be the leader of the United States of America and the leader of its Armed Forces. Many are fearful mostly out of uncertainty and out of fear that he will follow through on some of his most shocking statements regarding foreign policy.

Being an active duty member in the United States Navy for 10 years, and after having served under George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama and now soon to be Donald Trump, I can sympathize with the the discontent nationally and world wide. Sadly, I must admit that I did not vote because I simply could not agree with either candidate’s point of views. Although the out rage from the public is of major concern, considering the unknown about the next few years, I have faith that Donald Trump will in fact surprise us, make us proud and “Make America Great Again”. What I have to share will be short, sweet and straight to the point.

The most powerful people on earth are endowed with a spirit that can’t be broken, even in death. Regardless to whats going on in our country or the world around us, each of us has the power to change the world, one person at a time. If you see something wrong with the system, be the very thing that you want to see right about it. If there’s an absence of something you want to see in the world, create it.

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12 thoughts on “Donald Trump is my President

  1. I appreciate you for this mom. I just believe someone has to be positive through all of this no matter who is our president…we don’t have to wait on a world leader to change our conditions, when in reality, it really starts with each of us.


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