Why the Chaos in America will get worst

In every period in time there has been a “Voice” of reason. We all are that voice of reason but what breaks my heart is that we are so focused on how bad things are getting, instead of speaking up and doing something about it. We are carrying on with our own personal lives under this illusion that it doesnt affect us.

It takes more than one person to get a movement started and more than one person to change the world…but who will be the sparking point? Who will be that voice of reason that the people will listen to? People are stronger together as a majority and we all have the power in us to bring about a positive change, but no one is stepping up. The chaos we are witnessing will not end until we all can look at this from an objective stand point.

People are scared about the unknown and are fearful about the future. We are all looking for answers, when the answer is staring us right in the face…the answer is US! Single handedly, we all can’t change the world, but together, we all can change the world. As we become what we want to see in the world, others will be impacted by it and they too can influence others to do the same. Our salvation is not found in the leadership of a world leader, our salvation is found in our fellow-man and fellow-woman.

We need to govern ourselves in a way that reflects how we want to be treated. Waiting for someone to step in and fix the problem is no solution at all, we must fix the problem ourselves since no one is speaking out. Violence is not the answer, and clearly, peaceful protests and petitions aren’t either. The times are calling for a love movement, a movement where we can come together, care for and love one another.

We don’t have to have all of the answers today, we can figure it all out as we go but for the time being, we need to reach out to those around us and embrace them. World leaders are put in place for a reason whether we agree with those reasons or not but that should not affect how WE treat one another. We need a change from the inside out and it starts with each of us individually. We are all responsible for what is going on today, and its our responsibility to clean it up.

Hug someone randomly that you don’t even know, give someone your smile, compliment them, buy them something to eat…tell someone you love them! Contrary to what we all may have been taught, love is more powerful than hate because it comes so natural. Love is the greatest weapon known on the face of this earth. Hate is nothing more than the absence of love, there is no fear in love…hate is a coward’s protective mechanism, fueled by fear..

Love has the power to ease a raging heart plagued by pain and fear. Only the strongest warriors have the ability to wield this power because the strongest of warriors have endured the most amount of pain, yet have made the decision to forgive and love anyway. We need a movement for love, acceptance and tolerance, this is the only way we can achieve true order and peace.

Oaktown Vibes


14 thoughts on “Why the Chaos in America will get worst

    1. I love your soul…your feed back is everything, honestly. I love my country and especially the people, what you wrote makes it all worth it when I’m on duty no matter how bad conditions may be. Thank you, peace and love to you.

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