Will you love me just as I am?

As a people, we all tend to put more value on shiny things, than we do on what is actually hidden inside the “alabaster box”. As a society, its easy to lose our identity in things that we think we need, in order to be accepted by the people that put value on outside appearances and material possessions. One of the hardest pills to swallow is realizing that the love we are shown, isn’t real, if its based on the superficial. If you really want to know who loves you, lose it all.

Our true worth isn’t found in anything that can be touched with hands or seen with the eyes. The true value of a person can only be felt by the heart and understood by the intellect. The reason some people run into one heart break after another is because they are looking for the wrong thing. We all want the same thing but most more than some, look for it in places that are more appealing to the eye, instead of seeking out what is more wholesome for the heart and soul. One thing that almost everyone in the world is good at, without even being taught, is putting on a facade. Many of us do this for several reasons.

No matter how optimistic and positive one may be about life, we must face a real cold hard fact…not everyone else in the world has the same heart that you do. We must protect our energy if we wish to be successful in this life, by maintaining a positive outlook on life and our own goals. This is where it may be beneficial to “put on a face”. There’s being something that you aren’t, and then there is “being” something for the sake of protecting your energy and personal space. One façade is an insecurity, while the other can be more conveniently understood as a “poker face”.

To be something you aren’t, is suicide. For the sake of gaining approval from others, to be accepted…if you are going to be the highest form of yourself that you can be, you need to learn how to be “bare”. Learn to love yourself without all of the “preservatives” and your circle will either change itself out or the people that are already around you, will love and respect you more. When others don’t accept us for (what ever reason) and we are compelled to do things to gain their acceptance, we in a sense agree with their verdict on us…this should not be. We may have friends and family that love us and accept us no matter what, but if the whole entire world was to turn its back on you? Who will have your back and who will love you…if you don’t? When you love yourself just as you are, there’s no need to hide behind what you have or a behind a “face”.

Positivity and negativity can not coexist together. Have you ever noticed that once you enter into a room full of negative energy, those negative vibes start to rub off on you too? You can feel it and it makes you feel uncomfortable and before you know it, you start to take on the characteristics and habits of the people in the room, over a long extended period of time, if unchecked. Its the same with positivity, you enter a room full of positive people, the energy will eventually begin to rub off on you…energy is contagious. Putting on a face when it comes to protecting your energy, in my opinion, is the smartest move you can make. I’m a big fan of “keeping it real” at all times, but when I’m around people that I know don’t serve my highest good, I never show my hand.

Oaktown Vibes


9 thoughts on “Will you love me just as I am?

    1. You’re amazing. I do apologize for the delay, I took some much needed time away from my blog but I do appreciate your feedback and you taking the time out to comment and share your thoughts. Peace and love to you.


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