Here is my heart

Not everyone is going to love us or accept us, no matter how amazing our love may be. Their rejection of us has nothing to do with our personal worth, it has all to do with their inability to see it, whether their focus is else where or they just want someone else to give them the love that you have to give. This can cause one to build a border around their heart and what I’m saying to you is don’t.

Let me tell you something…YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE VALUED. Mental health is one of the most neglected facets of human suffering, for both men and women. The people we love are almost always the ones to dish out this unbearable pain, which has us questioning if something is really wrong with us or if we even matter…but you do matter. One person can have a way of ruining it for others, if we allow them too. The world is full of beautiful people who are hurting, and they’re looking for the love and the support that you have. Don’t give up on people, don’t allow pain to harden you…some one needs your love and your acceptance.

For several years I suffered the pain of rejection from people who I really just wanted to love. I wanted their love back in return and when I didn’t get it, I allowed myself to turn cold, thus holding on to the pain and resentment. When you hold on to something that’s not yours to hold, you leave yourself no room to receive the love and acceptance you deserve. We must first realize that we are enough, we have always been enough but not to the wrong person. Just because we desire the love we give to be reciprocated from certain individuals,  does not mean that the love they have to give is beneficial for us.

The universe or God (what ever you choose to recognize as your source of power) will protect us in ways we can’t understand in the time of our suffering. In the midst of our suffering, we must step out side of ourselves for just a moment to realize how many people are living today. There are billions of people across the planet that are hurting and many of them have made up their minds to believe that the world is a cold place. Even you may have come to this conclusion already but this just isn’t true, because if you are reading this, you are one of the rare ones who still have the capacity to love. You are one of the special ones that can endure pain and because of it, you love even harder without any fear of pain and disappointment.

The world deserves your love. This pain you have is your gift to the world. This is your opportunity to reverse all the pain and hurt in this world, to demonstrate to others that the world is still full love and compassion. You are living proof of this.

If this post has touched you or eased your pain in any way, please share your thoughts and leave a comment below. I would love to engage with each of you. This may be a platform that can set others free. Depression is real and the world is full of suffering people who need to know that they are loved and that they matter. Peace and love to you all.

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14 thoughts on “Here is my heart

    1. Your feedback means the world to me, honestly. I speak from a very vulnerable place and my aim is that this blog will be more than just a platform to air out my pain, but that through my own experiences and current battles, I can ease someone else’s pain and hopefully bring some understanding.

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  1. Hi and hope your day is going well. I have reacted and responded in some of the ways you describe. At the time I didn’t realize how much of myself I was blocking off from the wonderful things in life. Building a wall kept out the hurtful things but it also kept out the warmth of kindness and compassion. Thank you also for taking time to read my posts.

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    1. I definitely went through that too. I would blame the world for what one person put me through, instead of learning that allowing hurt to consume would block the one who was meant for me from loving me the way I wanted to be loved. It took me sometime to understand this as well. I appreciate you for the feed back and you’re welcome my friend.


  2. Most encouraging and enlightening. I have gone through trying to figure out how to be like you and people like you, to love and give regardless of how painful it was to me. Only within the last few months have I realized that the pain does end, that there is much joy to be received and shared and that because God is always with me I am never alone and can get through the pain with His help. Thank you for sharing it helps confirm I may not get it yet but I do not need to pull back any longer. Blessings.

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  3. Yah, depression is not joke! It took me awhile to “admit” to myself after discovering that what I was experiencing was the result of anxiety and depression. This is still an ongoing battle mentally. However, I suppose it’s part of the growth of my journey. I’ve had several disappointments over the past few years…but even this too shall one day pass…prayfully very soon!🙂

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