Savor The Victory And Spoils Of Failure

The hardest thing to deal with for all of us that are human is failure. I plan to blog about this in the future, to go over how there actually are many benefits in failure, when we are willing to face it head on than to give up and run.

I wanted to share this blog post from Yecheilyah in hopes that you all will be inspired, and while your at it, please follow her amazing blog.

I absolutely love the topic of failure because failure is the solid foundation in building the mindset of a winner. A person with the mindset of a winner can use any circumstance to their advantage, to keep going, until they win. Peace and love to you all.

Maybe the book didn’t come out the way you envisioned it would or maybe you’ve got a one-star review. Maybe your editor marked all up and down your manuscript or someone critiqued the confidence right out of you. Maybe you failed, miserably. And maybe you want to crawl underneath the covers and will yourself away. […]

via Good Writers — Pearls Before Swine


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