The Key To Failure And The Reason Why You Wont Succeed

The man without laser like focus is unlikely to get anything done. Unless he focuses in on one single point, he will be carried away by every wave of life that comes his way.

The key ingredient to achievement of any magnitude is focus. If a person can remain focused on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, they can work tirelessly as if possessed by a supernatural force.

These kinds of people have tunnel vision, the ability to focus on one end goal without interruption, no matter what is going on around them. The driving force behind why they’re able to pursue what they want, without fail, is their “why”.

If your goal is to impact people, you have to focus on the problems you’ll be solving and how it will improve their lives, not the accolades you will get for it. If your goal is to create large amounts of wealth in a significantly short period of time, your focus must be on creating something that people will get more use value out of, than you will receive in cash value.

The focus must be on what you will giving, not on what you will receive in return.

We tend to lose focus when we introduce ego into the picture. Rational thinking goes out of the window and we began to focus on ourselves and what we will get, instead of focusing on the good we will do as a result of remaining disciplined in the pursuit of the end goal.

When ego is the focus, the little things easily knock us off track. Instead of keeping things in the proper perspective, we began to take things personally, opportunities are seen as obstacles instead of something that will ultimately aid and serve the highest good of our focus.

The reason that a small percentage of people are seen as special or gifted (because of their accomplishments) is because they have learned the art of “blocking out the noise”. That “noise” is anything that takes away from the end goal. When it comes to family, work and other necessities, your ability to time manage is the issue, if it takes away from your pursuits.

All of your energy must be focused in on one point, with a laser like accuracy, if you wish to get anything done.

There’s a huge difference between always being busy, and being busy being productive. Time management is everything when it comes to staying focused, and setting aside time to work. If you give yourself 12 hours a day to work, you probably wont get much done, unless every minute of that 12 hour period is necessary to complete the task.

Breaking up your work time into smaller blocks of time, gives you a deadline, so that you have no other option but to focus solely on what you’re doing. Doing this forces you to focus all of your energy within that block of time, solely to focus on what you’re doing.

What throws people off when it comes to staying focused within that block of time, is having a successful “process” already in place before working. Finding a process that works is a process in and of itself, you have to go through the motion of finding what works and what doesn’t.

As you get the desired result that you want, after finding a process that works, you’re ability to stay focused is intensified. As you continue to produce the same result over and over again, you can then take steps to try out new additions to the process that will produce exponential, better quality results.

Focus, and achieving results, is a symbiotic relationship in which both components feed off of and build momentum for the other.

The ability to stay focused produces results. Achieving results as a result of staying focused, intensifies your focus even more. In order for you to get the desired outcome, you must first keep the desired outcome in the forefront of your mind, at all times.

You have no choice but to yield the result you want, when you are focused. Focus allows you to pin point what isn’t working, and it causes you to make the necessary adjustments. Focus minimizes the chances of you making errors of judgment over an extended period of time, because it will enable you to catch the error in judgment before it becomes costly and time consuming.


I never focus on things outside of the ring – Floyd Mayweather Jr

No elite athlete, entertainer, top business executive or world influencer made an impact by focusing on anything outside of their aim. Nothing of significance will get done unless you can focus on any given task entirely, at that present moment.

Final Thoughts

Championship games have been lost, business deals botched and lives in war have been loss, due to a lack of focus and being fully dialed into the moment when it matter the most. In preparation, that is when it matters the most, because the way you perform in private is how you will preform in public.

Always keep your eyes and your energy focused when it comes to doing what needs to be done, whether it be driving, cooking, dinner at the family table or in conversation with your friends and loved ones. How you direct your attention in the “mundane” matters will be the deciding factor in how you perform when its show time.



7 thoughts on “The Key To Failure And The Reason Why You Wont Succeed

    1. Thank you Jessy, I appreciate your feed back and I’m glad you found this post relevant. I don’t compete in boxing anymore, even though I still train from time to time, but I’ve definitely learned that from boxing. If your focus is anywhere else but on your opponent or what you’re doing, you’ll lose and/or get seriously hurt. Focus is the mother of action and success.

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