Paradigm is everything. The way you view this world will ultimately decide your continual thoughts and your continual thoughts will determine the action you consistently take. There is no difference between the rich and the poor, except this one thing…their philosophies.

What is it that causes one man to accept where he is, and for another to transcend his current condition to totally transform his life? It all comes down to the paradigm of each man.

I am currently an active duty member in the United States Navy. For most of my life I had a self defeating view of myself. I even thought it was acceptable to use myself as the butt of jokes, highlighting my “self imposed” weaknesses to humor those around me.

Over a year ago, I decided I had enough of the direction my life was going in and I decided to do something about it. On the outside it would seem as though I was very successful in my career and that my life was set, but I knew I was failing in the area of my own personal goals and the view I had of myself. I knew that I wanted more out of life, and I also knew that in order to get more, I had to be more and do more.

In the beginning stages of my transformation, I knew that my mindset was the cause and that my life was only reflecting to me what I believed to be true about myself. This page was created to share my wealth of knowledge in hopes that at least one person would benefit and use the information shared here to go out and conquer, by first beginning with the transformation of their mind and laying the foundation of seeing the world from the paradigm of a Winner.


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